Hey, do you have the video from the Jon/ Stephen gif you posted? The one from the rally??? I can't find it on youtube.

I can’t find it either, sorry. It must have been taken down.

Stephen: Joy can be hard. Joy is not the same thing as happiness. 
Oprah: No, it’s not.
Stephen: I think happiness is overrated. 
Oprah: Oh, I do too… I really do.
Stephen: Happiness can be really facile. 
Oprah: If you ask anybody - over the years if I ask people what they really want, people always say I want to be happy but they don’t even know that really means. So you’re right, I think happiness is way overrated.
Stephen: Way overrated. 
Oprah: I would much rather be joyful at any given day then just happy. 
Stephen: Right. Or even be sad with the people you love, you know what I mean? ‘Cause that’s real. 
Oprah: Yeah, that’s real. Okay. So what brings you the deepest joy?
Stephen: Oh, my deepest joy would have to be with my wife and children. 

Simple, composed, wonderful reblog. Good stuff.

people rustlin’ my jimmies but all good 
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